Cold Steel Gurkha Kukri

From: $299.99

Quick Overview

  • High carbon blade
  • Delivers deadly blows with minimal effort
  • Manufactured by Cold Steel
  • Rips through zombie flesh with ease

The Cold Steel Gurkha Kukri‘s SK-5 high carbon blade is far past any factory made competition; including swords twice its size, twice as expensive, and hand forged Japanese Katanas. It’s the heaviest Kukri on the market. The blade of the Cold Steel Gurkha Kukri is almost an inch wider near the tip than at the handle, shifting the knife’s balance point forward to allow a substantial blow to be struck with minimal effort, using inertia alone to complete the cut.

The Cold Steel Gurkha Kukri is a perfect weapon for the zombie apocalypse. The sharp blade is perfect for decapitating zombies. Order yours today!

This blade replaces the need to bring an axe, machete, or bowie knife. The steel choice and temper are both excellent. This blade is rock solid and I mean solid. The geometry of the blade makes all cuts enhanced. The design is excellent.

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