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Tactical Katana reviews, tests, and offers the newest high-end zombie weapons that’ll help you fight off those pesky undead flesh eaters, better known as Zombies. We offer everything one needs to survive the Zombie Apocalypse. From the sharpest katana designed to decapitate zombies, to semi automatic assault rifles to blow them away. We have it all.

Here at Tactical Katana, our main goal is to provide you with the ultimate discounts on the best katanas, and the best gear. That’s why all of our zombie weapons are marked down from their original prices. Expect to save anywhere from 25%-75% on the highest quality items we have to offer. Be sure to click “See Discounted Price Now” to see the best price we offer on any product.

The primary zombie weapons we offer include various affordable high quality katanas, specialty blades, and night gear.  Other zombie weapons include various types of guns that can be helpful when zombies rise. Be sure to check out our favorites: the Cold Steel Warrior Katana and all of the other products in the blades section of our website.


Katanas and Zombie Weapons?

Tactical Katana has recognized that Zombies have become an ever increasing threat in the world; an increasing number of cases are arising around the world as we count down to December 22, 2012.  A bite from a zombie could kill a healthy adult male and turn him into an animated corpse within three hours. The only way to rid the world of these zombie pests is to destroy their brains through means of decapitation by a katana or sharp blade or by puncturing it with bullets. So browse through all of the zombie weapons we have to offer and buy that incredible katana, buy that gun that you’ve had your eye on, because the last thing you want when the time comes is to be unprepared.

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